Volume stage, Everything you need to know.

For many people in the world of fitness one of their main objectives is to increase the volume of their body mass, however some do not know the points that must be taken to achieve this goal, that is why this article we will let you know everything you need to know to get the best results in your volume stage.

Volume stage

At this stage it consists of consuming barbaric amounts of food to gain weight and gain muscle mass, in order to achieve this goal you must consume many more calories than your body needs.

How many calories should I consume in my volume stage?

For the volume stage there is no fixed amount of calories that should be consumed, since this depends a lot on your body weight and the physical activity you do day by day, however there is a very easy to use formula to know an approximate of the calories that you should consume according to the aforementioned factors.

For the boys

(Body Weight * 11) / 0.4526

For girls

(Body Weight*10) / 0.4526

This result must be multiplied by 1.2 which is the coefficient for the physical activity we carry in our daily lives such as walking, working, carrying objects, among others. In this way we will obtain our caloric requirement to maintain our weight.

Now, for us who train in the gym, we must take into account the intensity of our workouts to add the caloric expenditure we invest in them.

For moderate activity workouts such as simple exercises at home, 500 calories should be added to our diet, leaving the formula as follows:

Moderate physical activity formula for boys

(((Body Weight x 11)/0.4526) x 1.2)+500

Moderate physical activity formula for girls

(((Body Weight x 10)/0.4526) x 1.2)+500

On the other hand if our pace of weight training is quite intense, with a well-planned routine that asks to give everything of us, we must add 1000 calories to our diet, leaving the formula as follows:

Intense physical activity formula for boys

(((Body Weight x 11)/0.4526) x 1.2)+1000

Intense physical activity formula for girls

(((Body Weight x 10)/0.4526) x 1.2)+1000

Next, so that you have a little clearer how to apply this formula we will take the example of a Boy with a body weight of 70Kg with an intense physical activity, his results would be the following:

((70 Kg x 11) / 0.4526) x 1.2) + 1000

  • First multiply 70 Kg x 11 = ((770/0.4526) x 1.2)+1000
  • Then we divide the result / 0.4526 = (1701.28 x 1.2) +1000
  • Then we multiply that result by 1.2 = 2041.53 + 1000
  • Finally we add the 1000 calories of intense physical activity = 3041.53

We can conclude that for a boy with a body weight of 70kg and intense physical activity, his daily calorie consumption for his volume stage should be an approximate of 3041.53 calories.

Diet for Volume Stage

As we already mentioned you must consume many more calories than your body needs, however this does not mean that you will eat all kinds of meals, this is why you should keep in mind the following considerations.

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Dietary recommendations

  • In each of your main dishes, try to make sure that your food is distributed in 50% carbohydrates, 35% proteins and 15% healthy fats.
  • Avoid eating highly processed foods such as pre-cooked or packaged foods.
  • Consume 2.2 to 2.5 g of protein per kg of body weight per day.
  • Do not consume the total daily protein in a few meals, try to distribute them in all your meals throughout the day, in this way your body will absorb them much better.
  • The ratio of Proteins – Carbohydrates you must try to be inversely proportional, that is, the consumption of proteins must increase from morning to night, on the other hand carbohydrates must be the opposite.
  • For the consumption of carbohydrates give priority to foods such as rice, oats, potatoes, pasta, fruits and tubers.
  • For the consumption of protein you must eat foods such as meat, chicken, fish, eggs, among others
  • You should consume foods rich in healthy fats such as olive oil, coconut oil, oily fish and nuts.
  • Avoid the consumption of junk food and sweets, since these will increase your caloric intake but will not give any contribution to your body.

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How to train in volume stage?

To increase our muscle mass in the volume stage what we must look for is the well-known muscle hypertrophy, this is nothing more than the micro tears in our muscles caused by the stress of an intense training.

How many repetitions should I do for the volume stage?

Ideally, you should perform 3 to 4 sets of exercises with a weight considered to make you reach muscle failure in repetition 6 to 8.

What exercises should I do in the volume stage?

You must prioritize compound exercises, that is, all those exercises that work several muscle groups at the same time, in this way you will train much better and with a lower caloric expenditure.

What are the best compound exercises?

Below we will give you in detail the best compound exercises that you can include in your routine for the volume stage.

Flat bench press

This exercise mainly works your middle pectoral and triceps.

Inclined bench press

This exercise will work your high pectorals and triceps.

Parallel funds

The funds in parallel will exercise your low pectorals, lateral pectorals and triceps


The pull-ups is an excellent exercise that will work your back and biceps.

Pulley oars

Another excellent exercise that works much of your back, posterior deltoids and biceps.

Oars with bar.

This is one of the best compound exercises for back, as it will work your back, trapezoids and biceps

Free squats with bar

Known by many as the best exercise for legs as it works your quadriceps, femorals and buttocks.

Leg press

This is another excellent exercise for legs, since the variation of the position of your legs on the platform can focus the muscle that you most want to exercise.

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In conclusion

You must eat a lot, but always carrying a healthy diet, on the other hand you must train as heavy as you can, where you reach muscle failure in repetition 6 to 8.

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