This is the most expensive gym in the world, would you train in it?

In the world of fitness there are countless gyms, each with something that characterizes it, some quite economical and that have only what is necessary and others quite expensive that have countless luxuries and benefits that you will really feel pampered, this time we want to bring you a little information about the most expensive gym in the world, we talked about Royal City Club, a gym that only big celebrities and wealthy Asians can afford.

Royal City Club, The most expensive gym in the world

The most expensive gym in the world, offers its customers countless benefits and luxuries in its facilities that rises the subscription figure from 8 thousand to 24 thousand USD per month. Among some of the benefits offered by this fitness center is the assistance of certified physical trainers of high capacity available to you 24 hours a day, so if you break your diet you can call your trainer in the early morning to unload your faults, it also has luxury products of high consumption as the best supplements which is included in the monthly cost, on the other hand its facilities are of solid gold in addition to the various activities it offers such as yoga, spinning, dance halls among others, let’s delve a little and enter the luxurious facilities of this dream gym.

Doing Cardio can be quite an experience when you have countless TVs everywhere, embedded in solid gold walls.

Cardio area of the most expensive gym in the world

A fairly spacious ballroom for all kinds of activities where your personalized coach will always be aware of you at all times.

Dance hall of the most expensive gym in the world

Likewise, the gym has multiple rest areas where you can relax after a training session.

rest areas of the royal city club

The facilities of this amazing gym have access of its members with biometric scanners, Italian quartz floors and black crystal chandeliers designed exclusively for this gym, on the other hand it also has a ring to practice contact sports, areas to relax a little like an incredible pool, jacuzzi, sauna and a “bar” where you can order your protein shakes of multiple flavors and personalized meals of the diet that you find your coach.

On the other hand, each of its members are equipped daily with slippers, towels, and mineral water, without a doubt it is a gym where every day you will feel very comfortable.

the gym bathrooms

Changing clothes can be an experience in its amazing vesitidores

the incredible dressing areas

Much beyond its amazing facilities, in the royal city club they pride themselves on their particular forms of training, since they always apply the latest scientific discoveries about how the body reacts to a certain specific diet and different exercises, being their physical trainers the first to have this information in this way the gym guarantees efficient results and in the shortest possible time, so it’s not just its appearance and amenities that make it the most expensive gym in the world.

One of the many weight zones

Another of the great benefits offered by this amazing gym is that the yoga and meditation classes are led by authentic Indian masters with more than 20 styles of classes of which are included the HathaAshtanga, Vinyasa, and the Hot Yoga being all these benefits included within the monthly fee.

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