The 6 Best Back Exercises

Having a well-developed back is not something that is easily achieved, perhaps for this reason many people do not give it the importance they should in their exercise routines and despite having a well-developed body and well-marked muscles, when reaching the back area the disappointment can be great, since they either do not perform the back exercises well or simply do not give it the importance it should.

If, on the other hand, you are a person who wants to develop the back properly, giving it that V shape that many want and with well-formed muscles you just have to follow the best exercises for your back that we will let you know in this article.

Perform your back routine correctly

The muscles of the back can become one of the most difficult to develop, if you do not take some precautions you run the risk of getting injured, so selecting the exercises and the order in which you execute them can become very important to avoid hurting yourself.

When you decide that you want to develop your back correctly, the best thing you can do is consult with a personal trainer to advise you on each of the exercises and their correct order, there is nothing better than a good professional designing a well-structured training that helps you achieve your goals much faster.

On the other hand it is very important that prior to your back training, you perform a correct warm-up and stretch, since many people injure this area by not stretching well at the beginning or performing the proper warm-up.

It is very important that we keep in mind that the muscles that we must develop of the back which will allow us to wear it in that V shape so desired are the wide dorsal, trapezius and round major. Focusing your routine on these three exercises will make them develop much better.

The best exercises for back

The back exercises that will make you look wide and V-shaped as we have always dreamed are the following:

Horizontal rowing with low pulley

This exercise is excellent for working the thickness of the back because you demand a lot of the wide dorsal. Once seated on the pulley machine, place your legs firm and pull the bar towards you until it reaches your chest, always try to keep your back straight and not swing backwards.

Dumbbell rowing

With the knee on one bench and the other completely stretched. take a dumbbell with one hand and with the other you lean on the bench, with a controlled movement fully stretch your arm, then with your back completely straight take it up by contracting the muscles of the back.

Pulley behind the nape of the neck

To perform this exercise, you must sit in front of the pulley machine, place your legs firm, take the bar with both hands with an open grip and pass the bar behind the neck. With this exercise you will work all the muscles of the back, which is ideal to widen it.

Pulley to the chest

Similar to the previous exercise, take the bar with an open grip (approximately the width of your shoulders) and with your palms facing outwards or towards your chest pull the bar towards you until it reaches the chest, always keep your back with a good posture and your legs firm.

Rowing with Olympic bar

This is considered one of the best exercises for back, to perform it correctly you must place your legs at the same width of your shoulders, then grab the bar a little less than the same width and with the palms facing your chest or out, raise the bar until it reaches close to your chest and lower it to almost completely extend your arms, make a controlled movement and the elbows always as close as possible, on the other hand always keep your back straight to avoid possible injuries.


This is an exercise that you will work with your own weight, however if you wish you can add a little weight in a backpack or with a disc tied to a belt, There are 3 types of pull-ups, however we recommend the open pull-up, since this is the best to form that V that we want so much.

When performing this type of exercises for back you will not only work the wide dorsal, the trapezius and round major, but also the rhomboid and deltoid that are also quite important to develop our back, on the other hand the arms are also exercised, in this way you will have a fairly uniform growth.

On the other hand you can vary between these types of exercises, you can also play with weight and repetitions, however if what you want is hypertrophy, we recommend you perform them with enough weight but always maintaining good technique, on the other hand if you are starting to perform them with little weight and focus first on perfecting the way to execute them.

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