The 5 Best Calf Exercises

When exercising, each of our muscles are important and each one must be worked in a correct way, Although it is very true that there are compound exercises that will work several muscles of our body at the same time, we must always train them in isolation to give them a better stimulus, When we talk about the day of legs many people tremble with dread, since it is one of the most demanding routines and that most demand our effort, For many people trying to develop twins or calves can become a rather difficult battle, today in life fitness we want to let you know the 5 best exercises for steel calves.

Among the best exercises for calves we have:

1.- Standing heel lift

Traditional heel lifts will always be one of the best exercises for calves, this thanks to the simplicity of its execution and the high congestion that occurs in the calves.

Make sure you never lock your knees when gaining weight, always keep them slightly flexed and perform a controlled movement.

If your gym does not have this machine, you can perform the exercise with 1 dumbbell in each hand and place the tip of your feet on a step.

2.- Seated heel lifts

The muscle that is below the twins is as important as all the others and this is one of the best exercises for calves to exercise them correctly, This muscle being developed will give the calves a wider and bulkier appearance.

If in your gym you do not find this machine to perform this exercise for twins, find a bench where you can sit and place a bar on your legs performing the same movement.

3.- Press

Many gyms do not have the right machines to do calf exercises, however what if every gym has is a press, to exercise your calves just place your feet in the lower part so that the tip of your feet touch the platform and push the weight with them, always remember to work with a weight that you can master quietly.

4.- Hit

The best exercises for twins are not you can find them in the gym, if what you want is to know how to fatten the calves from the corner of the street in front of your house, you can do it, the hit in addition to optimizing your metabolism will give your twins the stimulus they need to grow.

5.- Rope or Pylometric Exercises

This type of exercises to strengthen twins at home can help you a lot, this is due to the constant rebound to which the muscles are subjected during the performance of these exercises.

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