The 10 Best Breakfasts to Lose Weight

As many should already know, breakfast is the most important meal of the day since it is the one that mostly provides the necessary energies to carry our day to day, However there are many people who take it very lightly and due to the rush to fulfill their oblations can take quick breakfasts that are not associated with the so-called healthy breakfasts, mostly they are full of fats and processed foods which are empty calories that do not contribute anything to our body, this time in fitness life we want to let you know simple breakfasts to lose weight fast to prepare but above all quite healthy and that provide excellent macros to our body.

How many calories should be consumed at breakfast to lose weight?

The amount of calories you should consume per day is directly related to your physical activity, This is why we must balance our diet very well with the exercises to lose weight that we perform day by day, that is why we must look very well at the total calories we need to be able to determine the caloric weight that breakfasts take to lose weight, to understand a little better we can follow an excellent rule of thumb that approximates quite well when you ask yourself How many calories should I consume at breakfast?

  • For an approximate diet of 1500 calories breakfast should revolve around 375 Kcal
  • For a diet of about 1800 calories breakfast should be around 450 Kcal
  • If you consume an approximate of 2000 calories a day your breakfast should have an approximate of 550 Kcal.

What foods should be consumed at breakfast to lose weight?

The recommendations by many nutritionists make a lot of emphasis on consuming cereals fruits and dairy, this to provide us with the necessary nutrients that our body needs, a fairly common mistake of many people is to include in the breakfast barbaric amounts of sugar, on the one hand it will have a positive effect which is the barbaric increase in energy during the day, however you will be giving your body endless empty calories that will have no benefit.

The best breakfasts to lose weight

As we mentioned before, you should keep in mind that breakfast alone will not make you lose weight as if by magic, you must complement it with the rest of your daily meals and cardiovascular exercise.

Oat flakes with yogurt and fruits

This excellent breakfast to lose weight can give us the necessary energy to face our mornings. Visit also our article on oat benefits and properties of oats

Whole wheat bread with avocado and fat-free cheese

This rich breakfast with a coffee without sugar will be an ideal option to energize your days to the fullest.

Salmon rolls with cream cheese

A rich breakfast low in fat that will provide us with omega 3, proteins and carbohydrates, you can accompany it with a rich coffee or a natural juice.

Whole wheat bread sandwich with turkey, apple and cheese

A rich option that mixes sweet and salty flavors that gives us the necessary energies to start a new day, accompany them with a rich natural juice or coffee.

Oats and strawberries

This rich breakfast will give us fiber, protein and carbohydrates to go out to our daily activities with great enthusiasm, the benefits of strawberries can do a lot for our body.

Tuna Sandwich

This rich breakfast for weight loss made with whole wheat bread, cucumber, lettuce and tomato can be accompanied with a delicious coffee without sugar. See also our article on the benefits of tuna.

Vegetable rolling

This rich vegetable roll can be quite customized using the vegetables you want, with some crab sticks, turkey ham or even add a hard-boiled egg.

Oatmeal pancakes

Delicious oatmeal pancakes accompanied by fruit such as bananas and coffee can give you the energy you need to go to work or school with strength.

If you want to know more information about the banana you can not miss our article on the benefits of the banana

Avocado toast

you can eat these delicious toasts with a coffee or a natural juice, you will fall perfectly.

Yogurt with cereals and fruits

As incredible as it may seem, such a simple breakfast can give you enormous amounts of energy.

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