See the importance of sleep when it comes to gaining muscle mass

Many people believe that to achieve a fitness and well-defined body, they should only carry a strict diet and train hard, leaving aside the importance of getting enough sleep, that is why in this article we will let you know the importance of sleeping when it comes to gaining muscle mass.

What are the benefits of sleep when it comes to gaining muscle mass?

Sleep, is a very important point when it comes to gaining muscle mass since the muscle grows is when we rest, when sleeping the micro tears caused by training recover much more efficiently, in this way your muscles become much larger and stronger, this is how the muscles with the help of a good diet grow in our body, In addition to getting enough rest your testosterone levels increase by a staggering 40%, having much better results.

How long is it recommended to sleep when it comes to gaining muscle mass?

For your body to rest enough it is recommended to sleep 8 hours a day, but if you are a person a little busy either by work, university or school the minimum you should do is 6 hours, however sleeping only 6 hours a day your fatigue will increase progressively, this is why we recommend you take small naps whenever you can.

What should I eat and how long should I eat before going to bed?

Specifically there is nothing you should eat before going to bed, but if it is recommended that it be a high protein dinner, and if you are in a stage of definition or diet to lose weight we recommend avoiding slow absorption carbohydrates, since when sleeping you burn very few calories and your body can store them as fat reserves.

On the other hand we recommend eating 60 to 90 minutes before going to bed so that your body can perform optimal digestion.

Remember that if you are a thin person who wants to gain muscle mass, you must take an adequate diet, if you want to have a clear example of how it should be the same, we invite you to visit our diet article for ectomorphs, on the other hand you must also have a correct routine with isolated exercises and compound exercises to maximize your results.

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