How to lose weight quickly and naturally

Before starting to discuss the infinity of methods that exist to lose weight, we must take into account the great difference between losing weight and losing fat. The first concept refers to the overall decrease in body weight, either by the elimination of fluids in our body, the loss of muscle mass, among others. The second concept refers to the specific loss of adipose tissue accumulated in our body and which is responsible for causing obesity and other diseases that are related to it. As we mentioned before, in today’s world there are countless “miracle products” that promise to make you lower sizes in a matter of months, weeks or even days, but that really are only products with high levels of caffeine to make you perform much more in your workouts and thus burn more calories, for more information we recommend you read our article on weight loss pills , In this article we will let you know the right way to lose weight quickly and naturally.

How to lose weight quickly and naturally

A person who wants to lose weight correctly, the only thing that should focus is on the burning of fat or loss of adipose tissue, when it comes to knowing how to lose weight quickly and naturally, we must leave behind all those miraculous methods that large companies promise wonders such as pills, you burn fat green juices, among other things. These products which promise to lose weight are really full of chemicals which are mostly associated with natural plants or caffeine, which only fill our body with energy to perform much better in our activities, which is why there are better healthier and more natural methods to meet our goals.

Tips to lose weight quickly

1.- Train more intelligently

Perform small exercise sessions to keep your metabolism active, 3 to 4 of about 10 to 15 minutes each, replace this instead of a long cardio session of about 30 to 40 minutes, with this we do not mean that traditional cardio is not effective.

Excellent research by the University of Pittsburgh determined that those women who divide their entire session of about 40 minutes of cardiovascular exercise into 4 sessions of 10-minute workouts during the day lost an average of 20 pounds, while the other group of women who performed traditional 40-minute cardio lost an average of 14 pounds.

The reason why shorter workout sessions become more effective is that at no time do you give your metabolism a chance to slow down.

2.- Drink plenty of water

Water, believe it or not, is an excellent option when it comes to knowing how to lose weight fast, this is because it reduces the amount of fat stored in our body.

The kidneys, when the body does not consume enough water begin to slow down its work rate and deliver most of the undone work to the liver, On the other hand one of the functions of the liver is to transform the fat stored in our body into energy, and you will not be able to do this work completely since you will have the additional work that our kidneys do not do.

Not drinking water regularly, translates into giving double work to our liver significantly decreasing its potential in burning fats. that’s why we recommend drinking up to 8 glasses of water a day.

3.- Consume more fiber

including fiber in your daily diet is a great way to eliminate part of your body weight quickly, in addition to consuming fiber makes you consume less food, this is due to its high satiety rates. Likewise, we also recommend consuming protein in your diet which in a combination with fiber and water in your diet, will keep you more satiated at the cost of very low calories, which will result in weight loss.

At the same time, consuming fiber will keep your diet with low calorie levels, and will help you avoid consuming other types of foods which can be highly processed and with high levels of calories.

4.- Consume more protein

Other of the most efficient ways to want to know how to lose weight fast, is to considerably increase the consumption of proteins, you will be surprised that you can consume up to 500 calories less when at least 30% of your diet is composed of proteins, as we mentioned before, combine protein with fiber in your diet, it will speed up your metabolism considerably, this is because you will have to burn many more calories to digest them.

on the other hand, the consumption of protein will help you in increasing muscle mass, which will also accelerate your metabolism and oxidize fat more easily.

5.- Include milk in your diet

The consumption of milk regularly in our diet, as long as you are not intolerant to it, will help considerably to the dose of proteins that you should consume daily, you can also combine it with other foods making a fairly complete meal, we must bear in mind that we must avoid a little fats so complete milk is not adequate, this is why we recommend almond milk or fat-free milk.

Additional tips to keep in mind when it comes to knowing how to lose weight fast

  • You should always count your calories, and you should consume less than you expend per day with your daily activities.
  • do some physical activity such as attending the gym, if you do not go to any for lack of time you can perform exercises at home, if you want to know more about routines at home you can visit our articles of exercises for legs at home, routine for arms and chest from home, and the best exercises to tone the buttocks.
  • consume up to 8 glasses of water a day.
  • consume healthy fats such as avocado, nuts or olive oil.

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