Body Types or Somantic Types

Body types

This concept was created in the 40s and today it is still used to the letter, although there are people who differ, since according to them currently body types cannot be classified into only 3 categories.

According to this classification, if there are only 3 body types, of course each person has unique traits that identify it, surely you have noticed that there are people who are more likely to gain weight than others, as well as there are ultra thin people who no matter how much they consume food in barbaric amounts, they do not gain weight. Why is this? Well, each person can have a different somantic type, so exercises and foods affect it in a totally different way.

These types of bodies are known as somantic types and there are 3 of them

  • Ectomorph (Thin People).
  • Mesomorph (Muscular People)
  • Endoforms (Obese People)

Mesomorphic Bodies

Their bone and muscle structure is quite solid, they have a long torso and chest developed, they are normally strong athletic and muscular people naturally. They tend to gain muscle very easily, which is why this body type is the perfect one for cultism and virtually any sport that involves strength and musculature. Even without training intensely and without a strict diet they will obtain excellent results which stand out above the remaining somantic types.

Characteristics of the mesomorph

  • They are very athletic
  • His body is quite hard
  • The shape of his body in women is hourglass
  • In men the shape of their body is square or V-shaped
  • Their bodies are quite muscular
  • Have excellent posture
  • They tend to gain muscle very easily
  • Gain fat more easily than ectomorphic body type
  • Their skin is thick

Endomorphic bodies

This type of body accumulates fat very quickly, its hips and face are round, they have little musculature and their necks are short. These are normally overweight going through the average weight of the population, so you should focus on losing fat before gaining muscle, this is achieved with intense cardio sessions and a low-calorie diet.

Characteristics of Endoform

  • Have a soft body
  • Your muscles are underdeveloped
  • The shape of its body is round
  • Tend to have difficulty losing weight
  • Just as they gain fat quickly, they also gain muscle quickly.

Ectomorphic Bodies

People who have this type of body are thin by nature and their limbs are long, they are usually below average weight and their difficulty gaining weight is quite high, their metabolism is ultra accelerated so they take advantage of very little nutrients from the food they consume.

Characteristics of the Ectomorph

  • High difficulty in gaining fat and muscle.
  • The nature of his body is fragile.
  • Your chest is flat
  • They have their body marked, but slightly muscular.
  • Their shoulders are small

To conclude we must be clear that not all people adjust 100% to these characteristics since each person has a trait which differentiates it from the others, however according to most of its characteristics it can adjust to one of these 3 body types. And what kind are you?

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