7 Mistakes in the gym that you surely still make

Many times even though we think that we are giving 100% in the gym, possibly you are making a mistake without realizing it, To obtain the best results it is always good that we are as informed as possible, That is why today we bring for you the 7 most common mistakes in the gym and how you can solve them.

7 Mistakes in the gym that you surely still make

1.- The frustration of the beginner

According to numerous studies, it is claimed that approximately 2 out of 3 people who start in the world of fitness abandon their training after 3 months, this is because many of them do not have a clear vision of their progress which tends to produce frustration in them, so you must have a lot of patience that big changes take time. Another recommendation we can give you is to give variety to your routine, in this way you will always take your body by surprise and never letting it adapt to the same routine.

2.- Try to lift more weight than you really master

Normally you see in many gyms people who try to lift a lot of weight in some barbell exercises (usually they are men), this causes you to lose the correct technique for the execution of the exercise, which can cause stagnation in the results or even a serious injury. Which translates into stopping training for a long time and delaying your progress, That is why we recommend you as much as possible to carry a weight which you can control and perform a correct technique.

3.- Take long breaks between series

It is very normal to see people who between their series of exercises sit down to rest for long periods of time, they even start chatting through the whats’app and sometimes they go to the extremes of taking selfies and choosing the one they like the most to place it in its state with a phrase like: “Training hard in the gym”. Particularly we recommend that when you fence to train dedicate yourself 100% to it, since to obtain better results in muscle hypertrophy it is very important to “crush the muscle”, and taking recommended breaks (from 30 sec to 1min) you will see better progress.

4.- Overeating before training

It is always good to attend training with your stomach full, but be very careful because if you eat too much you can feel heavy and not perform 100% in your workouts, sometimes you can also feel cramps.

5.- Lust can play against you

One of the worst mistakes in the gym that you can make is to go to train after having a few moments of passion with your partner, believe it or not, having s3xual relationships can decrease your glycogen levels, this will make that when you start your training session, you do not perform 100%.

6.- Neglect your diet

This is one of the most common mistakes in the gym that exist, many people attend the gym with the hope that only with that they can have amazing results, unfortunately this is totally impossible, since to achieve a fitness and muscular body, it depends much more on the diet you carry, that is why we recommend that if you already have a well-structured training plan assist a nutritionist who can give you a personalized diet according to your body statistics.

7.- The envy of the muscle of others

Do you see that curved girl with huge legs and buttocks? Do you see that guy on the machine next door with those giant biceps? Let’s ask him how they train and how is their diet to imitate it!

This scenario is one of the most common in the gym, which is a fatal mistake, we must take into account that each person is a world and that a diet or a planned routine of another person may not have any effect on you. so the best thing you can do if you do not have solid knowledge is to consult with specialists and get the best out of your workouts.

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