7 Ideal foods to consume before training

Many people currently do not consume any type of food before their workouts since most people are looking to burn calories in order to lose weight, however there are some ideal foods to consume before training as they will help your performance in training and countless other benefits.

When we perform activities that go far beyond simply doing cardio and that need a considered requirement, it is vitally important to include in our diets proteins, some healthy fat and of course carbohydrates.

You must bear in mind that you are not going to consume these foods moments before starting your training since in this way you could end up in a very unpleasant way, the ideal is to consume them from half an hour to 1 hour before your workouts, in this way your bodies will take advantage of them very well and take them as a source of energy.

If you have already planned a fairly complete routine and want to know what you can eat before your workouts to enhance your results we will indicate the best ideal foods to consume before training.

Ideal foods to consume before training

1.- Fruit and vegetable juices

Green fruit and vegetable juices are an excellent source of natural energy that you can prepare in the comfort of your home to greatly increase your performance during your workout.

These drinks are quite refreshing and the best thing is that they are easily digested giving support to your metabolism to accelerate it and burn fat much easier

Perfect ingredients for your juices.

You can include some vegetables such as:

  • Spinach
  • Cabbage
  • Broccoli
  • Parsley
  • Celery

The perfect fruits for your juices can be:

  • Banana
  • Apple
  • Strawberry
  • Pear
  • Kiwi
  • Pineapple

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2.- Chia Seeds

The consumption of chia seeds became very popular in the world of fitness for a simple reason, They are rich in many nutritional properties that infinitely help our body.

These believe it or not contain essential fatty acids such as omega 3, fiber, proteins and minerals that help strengthen our body and at the same time load it with energy to be able to give the maximum in our training sessions.

At present it is quite easy to get them in any supermarket and its price is quite economical and the best of all is that you do not need to eat large amounts of it to take advantage of its nutritional properties, with only 1 tablespoon of chia seeds in your smoothies is enough to activate your body.

3.- Avocado

The avocado is delicious and also has countless benefits for our health, in addition to containing essential fatty acids also contains vitamins, antioxidants and other nutrients making it an ideal food to include in any type of diet.

Due to the rich calo contribution it has, it is ideal to energize the body before your workouts in a totally natural way.

The daily consumption of avocado contributes considerably to regulate cholesterol levels in our body, on the other hand also contributes to weight loss, this is because it is a food with high satiety indices.

4.- Eggs

Eggs have ceased to be the protagonists of diets due to false beliefs about them, currently several studies have shown that consuming them regularly help improve health.

These are a natural protein source that helps you lose weight and gain muscle mass.

This delicious and nutritious food you can eat at any of your meals, it is also quite economical and you can find it in any supermarket.

5.- Oatmeal

One of the foods which contains the largest amount of dietary fiber is nothing more or nothing less than oats, this cereal known worldwide in the world of fitness as one of the most complete in nutrition because it helps normalize blood sugar levels and helps our metabolism to oxidize that extra fat and convert it into energy for our body.

This amazing cereal is very low in calories, and thanks to its healthy fats it helps stabilize cholesterol and helps improve the health of our heart.

6.- Nuts

Nuts contain much less water compared to conventional fruits and that explains why they are more concentrated in calories.

However, these are an excellent source of protein, healthy fats and antioxidants that help in any of our diets.

In the case of people who attend the gym, these nuts are usually an excellent way to satiate anxiety or hunger that sometimes makes us eat foods high in calories but that do not provide any benefit to our body, nuts also contain a fairly high satiety index and help provide large amounts of energy, being one of the ideal foods to consume before training.

on the other hand, its high fiber content slows down the absorption of carbohydrates in our body which makes them an excellent food supplement to control our glucose.

7.- Low-fat Greek yogurt

This food is not only good for maintaining the health of our digestive system but also helps control blood sugar levels.

On the other hand it is a food highly rich in protein and will also give our body that plus it needs to be charged with energy, making it one of the ideal foods to consume before training more effective than you can find.

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