5 Tips for your first days of Gym

The first days of Gym, are quite rough and more when you attend alone, since you do not have much information on this subject and usually it gets to make you very complicated since you have no idea how to achieve optimal results in the first months, for this reason, in this article we will give you 4 rabbits for your first days of gym.

Tips for the first days of the gym

Your workouts

First of all you should take attending the gym as a habit, if your first days begin to be missing for any excuse, with the passage of time you will stop attending, this does not mean that you will train as if there were no tomorrow, just train in a precise way, controlling the execution of all your exercises, taking your rest times (45 sec to 1 min) and with the passage of time you will see how you train like a professional.


This is the most important point, which you have to prioritize, maybe you are not used to eating healthy, but do not worry you can adopt this as a habit with the passage of time, what yes, is that you must put a lot of your part in eating as healthy as possible since in order to achieve a good physique this is necessary, you can start with reducing your sugar intake, reducing the consumption of soft drinks and fried foods.

The Rest

It is of vital importance that you know that the muscle grows is when you rest, this is why training more does not mean better results, Focus on sleeping at least 7 hours a day, if you like to party with your friends, try to reduce your outings as much as you can, it does not mean that you should stop attending them (we all like it).


This point is a bit relevant, since if you train in the gym correctly, you eat well and rest enough, supplementation is not very necessary since with those habits you will already be building a good physique, on the other hand if what you want is to accelerate your results or simply with your diet you do not cover the necessary nutrients, so if you can take supplements, however always consult with your nutritionist.

The gym is your best friend

Always try to keep your motivation as high as you can, and never stop attending the gym, many people stop attending for simple laziness, and use the well-known phrase: “for 1 day that is missing nothing will happen”, because let me tell you my dear friend that if you use this phrase 1 time a week, you will already be stopping training for 1 week, which means less muscle gains.

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